October 2023 - This year's three-day consortium meeting of the Gaia-X 4 ROMS project took place at Materna in Dortmund. More than 40 participants discussed the status of the project of the project and further work. In the Gaia-X 4 ROMS project (Support and Remote Operation of Automated and Networked Mobility Services), solutions for the (remote) solutions for the (remote) control of autonomous vehicle fleets in passenger and freight transport are being developed.

By utilising mobility data from a wide variety of sources, it is possible to AI solutions for autonomous buses and shuttles in public transport, mobile parcel stations and other and other innovative mobility solutions of the future. Fleet operators, such as transport companies and providers of data-driven services and vehicle components benefit from the resulting federated data ecosystem.

Examples of use cases in the project are:

Bus Stop Management:

Bus stops are made available for mobility providers and delivery services during their idle times. Traffic monitoring and predictions as well as priorities in bus traffic are taken into account.

Gaia-X Infrastructure:

Hosting of federation services for the operation of the ROMS data space. Among other things data space connectors and a scalable full-stack development environment for data applications.

Passenger Transport:

Utilisation of mobility data from various sources for AI solutions for autonomous public transport and an efficient transport infrastructure.

Autonomous Parcel & Goods Delivery on the First and Last Mile:

Mapping of the entire process chain from the dispatch of goods on the first mile, via the main route using intelligent swap bodies, through to delivery to the recipient on the last mile, with autonomous vehicles on the first and last mile. All while considering and integrating a multi-agent system and services such as a booking platform and
booking platform and ETA.